Under the terms listed here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about a visit to the MAIN TOWER and our visitor platform.

Contact the reception team

Please contact the MAIN TOWER reception team directly in case you have any questions regarding the availability of tickets and concessions as well as for advance group reservations.


MAIN TOWERNeue Mainzer Straße 52-5860311 Frankfurt am MainPhone: 069 / 3650-4740


At the MAIN TOWER you will find a "Certificate of No Objection" for people with cardiac pacemakers. You must complete this form to use the highspeed elevator and for the metal detector.


It is wonderful news that you are pregnant. You can visit our observation deck, too. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact your doctor.


Film and photo shoots for non-commercial purposes are generally permitted. For commercial film and photo shoots please contact us using the form "Requests for film and photo shoots".
The MAIN TOWER RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, operated by Food Affairs, is located on the 53rd floor, where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine while admiring the fantastic view at a height of 187 metres (614 feet). The publicly accessible restaurant provides table seating for 80 guests as well as 10 lounge seats.
You can pay for tickets in cash and by credit (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or debit card directly at the MAIN TOWER. We are also able to invoice groups under certain circumstances (e.g. for group visits). If you order tickets online, we offer you the choice of conveniently paying for them using debit or credit cards and "giropay".


How to get to the MAIN TOWER: directions and parking
Glass bottles, glasses and glass containers are not permitted to be taken onto the platform.
Upon request, Helaba offers a guided tour of its artwork in the MAIN TOWER from Monday to Friday between 5pm and 7pm. If you are interested, please register with us for a tour using the form "Request for guided tour of art collection".
Here you will find information about the gym in the MAIN TOWER and details about membership of Europe’s highest health club: PRIME TIME fitness.


We would kindly point out that only small items of luggage that can fit in the x-ray machine may be taken onto the observation platform. Unfortunately, it is not possible to store your luggage or to deposit it in lockers. Please be advised that all items of luggage must undergo a security check and that you must take everything with you onto the platform.


maintower.de is not associated with the regional television channel Hessischer Rundfunk's "maintower" programme. If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Hessischer Rundfunk directly.


You are able to conveniently purchase online tickets around the clock in our ticket shop. You have the choice of printing them out or showing them on your smartphone using a handy QR code. You can easily pay for them using credit or debit cards and by "giropay".
Here you will find the opening times of the platform and the foyer. Please note the differing opening times for the platform and foyer as well as the different opening hours in the summer and winter seasons.


In this section you will find information about where you can park close to the MAIN TOWER.
People whose mobility is limited are equally welcome to visit the MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt. Due to the structural nature of the MAIN TOWER, wheelchair users or those with difficulty walking, and who are only mobile with the assistance of another person or a mobility aid, may only access the platform with a companion.You can find further information on our page entitled "People with reduced mobility in the MAIN TOWER". At the MAIN TOWER you will find a "Certificate of No Objection" for those with cardiac pacemakers or physical disabilities. You must complete this form to use the highspeed elevator and for the metal detector.
Pets – with the exception of guide dogs – are not permitted to be taken onto the observation platform.
The platform is open on public holidays in the summer season from 10am to 9pm and in the winter season from 10am to 7pm. You can find up-to-date information about public holidays and special events in the opening hours section or on our homepage.
Pushchairs must be left on the ground floor. They may not be taken onto the observation platform.


A QR code is an individually generated, virtual ticket. For the sake of the environment, we would ask you not to print out the ticket but to bring it with you as a QR code on your smartphone instead.


This section provides information about the MAIN TOWER Restaurant and our lounge. You can reserve a table in the restaurant on the operator’s website.


It is only possible to purchase souvenirs at the MAIN TOWER itself. You can find further information and prices on the homepage of our souvenir shop.


Tickets can be purchased at any time in our online shop or at the foyer of the MAIN TOWER during opening hours.
You can purchase tickets online in the MAIN TOWER ticket shop and either print them out or bring them on your smartphone as a QR code. To protect the environment, we would suggest that you do not print them out but show them as a QR code on your smartphone instead. Reduced price tickets can only be purchased at the MAIN TOWER itself. Tickets for the MAIN TOWER are valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at any time after purchase.
You may take a tripod with you onto the observation platform but it must pass through a security check first.


Tickets for the MAIN TOWER are valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at any time after purchase.


In case of inclement weather conditions and high winds, the observation platform will remain closed for safety reasons. You can find the current status of the platform (open/closed) in the infobox on our homepage.
We provide a free wireless network in the MAIN TOWER so that you can stay up-to-date and share your memories with your family and friends.


Young people under 16 years of age are only permitted to access the observation platform when accompanied by an adult guardian.