Mementos of the MAIN TOWER

If you would like to take a memento of your experience with you after enjoying the impressive view across the Rhine-Main area, you can purchase a souvenir in the shop. Below is a selection of souvenirs that are available to purchase directly in the MAIN TOWER.


    Price: 20.00 EUR

    MAIN TOWER in miniature

    Price: 30.00 EUR

    Thermos cup

    Price: 8.50 EUR

    Mints box

    Price: 2.50 EUR

    Teddy bear

    Price: 7.50 EUR

    Baseball cap

    Price: 8.00 EUR

    USB stick

    2 GB memory

    Price: 9.50 EUR

    Notebook, DIN A6

    Price: 5.00 EUR

    Bottle opener as a key ring

    Price: 4.00 EUR


    Price: 15.00 EUR

    Snow globe

    Price: 6.50 EUR


    Price: 7.00 EUR

    Breakfast placemat

    Price: 5.00 EUR


    Price: 5.50 EUR


    Price: 1.00 EUR

    Fridge magnets

    summer or winter motif

    Price: 3.00 EUR each

    Ball-point pen

    Price: 3.00 EUR

    Linen carrier bag

    black or white

    Price: 2.00 EUR each

    Do you have questions about our souvenirs?

    Please use our general contact form for any enquiries about the MAIN TOWER souvenirs.

    Enjoy impressions from the MAIN TOWER

    Have you already discovered that clicking on “Impressions” at the bottom right-hand corner of our website opens a gallery of full-screen photos from our image archive?

    Here you can relive memories of your visit to the MAIN TOWER. Have fun!

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