Facts and figures


Facts and figures

The MAIN TOWER at a glance

200m (including antenna: 240 m)
56 above ground level, 5 below ground level
Total lettable space
for commercial use: approx. 62,500 m², 250 parking spaces
Office space
approx. 1,160 m² of efficiently usable office space per floor, can be divided, with full range of infrastructure in the core zone and integrated support areas;flexible floor space layout: individual, combination and open-plan offices possible;clear room height of 2.75 metres
Additional uses:
Staff canteen and café on 2nd floor
Fine dining restaurant on 56th floor
Gym on 54th floor
certification: LEED Gold (from 2021)
Active facility management
lobby staffed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by reception and security personnel
Building security
video surveillance of all entrances;
access control by single entry system on ground floor
26 passenger and
3 goods Elevators
Maximum speed: 4 to 7 m/s
Construction period
3 years

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In 1991 an architects' competition was held. Among the renowned architects from around the world, Schweger und Partner, Hamburg was awarded the prize.


With its 200 metres, the MAIN TOWER is Frankfurt am Main's fourth highest skyscraper. Commerzbank (258 m), Messeturm (256 m), DG Bank (208 m)
Up to 1,000 workers built the MAIN TOWER in 3 years.


To minimize air noise caused by the fast elevators, NASA computer simulations were carried out and streamlined exterior claddings were developed for the cabins.
In erecting the MAIN TOWER, the so-called Deckelbauweise principle "construction work under top cover" was employed. This means that building work both upwards and downwards was carried out simultaneously.


Demolition of the existing building on the planned site of the MAIN TOWER started on 22.05.1996


Water circulating in a closed circuit supports the generation of heat or coolness for the MAIN TOWER's rooms.
With 4 to 7m/sec, the elevators in the MAIN TOWER are among the fastest in Germany.
The MAIN TOWER is an energy-efficient building with sophisticated domestic engineering techniques.


The facade surface is divided into three parts: The building's base floors: stone facade, under preservation order, the square tower: bronze, round tower non-reflective glass facade. Further information Structure & facade
The MAIN TOWER consists of 5 basement floors (underground) with parking spaces, storage rooms and the technical centres and 56 above ground floors, with offices, restaurant and hr-Studio (a studio of the Hessian broadcasting corporation), on two of which are observation platforms.
On July 4th 1997 the foundation slab was concreted.
The foundation stone was laid on October 10th 1996.
The foundation of the MAIN TOWER consists of 112 reinforced concrete piles with a diameter of 150 - 180 cm, reaching to a depth of 50 m. In addition, the MAIN TOWER has a foundation plate which in the middle of the building is 3.80 m thick.
The American video artist Bill Viola presents his installation "The World of Appearances". Stephan Huber created "FRANKFURTER TREPPE / XX. JAHRHUNDERT".


The round tower has a facade without visible window profiles, whereas the square has a element facade with deliberately emphasized window profiles bronze. Further information Structure & facade
With regard to the facade construction, the use of the latest glass technology for the MAIN TOWER is especially remarkable.
Both above and below ground, gross floor area is 101,705 m².
The MAIN TOWER consists of a round tower (200 m high) and square tower (170 m high).


The MAIN TOWER has its own combined heat and power station.
200 m
Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale is the owner of the MAIN TOWER. Further information can be found in the section Art in MAIN TOWER.
The historical facade was dismounted stone by stone, the stones being numbered and then rebuilt into the facade to preserve its historical appearance.


The investment sum amounts to approx. DM 700 m.


Total lettable space amounts to 62,957 m².
Thanks to the room-high window front, the MAIN TOWER enjoys a high degree of natural daylight.
The MAIN TOWER is located in the heart of the bustling, cosmopolitan economic metropolis Frankfurt am Main, in the centre of the banking quarter and within easy walking distance of the shopping streets, the Alte Oper ("old opera house", now a concert and conference centre), as well as the Freßgass' with its numerous restaurants and bars. How to get and park here.


The original working title of the project was Tower II. After conclusion in September 1996 of a competition to find a name for the building, MAIN TOWER was chosen out of 361 suggestions.


Office space per floor is approx. 1,200 m².
Access to the MAIN TOWER is open to the public.


The windows in the MAIN TOWER can be moved outwards electronically parallel to the facade surface, and unlike normal windows, are not tilted inwards or turned.
The project was taken care of by OFB - Bauvermittlungs- und Gewerbebau GmbH, Frankfurt and Hines Immobilien GmbH, Houston, Texas.


Food affairs invites guests to use its public restaurant in the MAIN TOWER, with seating accommodation for 80 people and a further 10 places at the lounge.
On March 10th 1999 the roofing, ceremony of MAIN TOWER was held.
The round tower reaches 200m, the maximum height of the building, and with its almost circular glass facade is the most striking part of the MAIN TOWER.


Despite or rather because of the openness of the MAIN TOWER, it has a well-elaborated security concept with security personnel, surveillance cameras and a sophisticated entry control system.
The cooling ceilings in the office rooms function as "upside down" floor heating and generate no noise.
The area of the plot is 3,355 m².
The Square tower is six floors lower than the round tower and reaches a height of 170m.
To reach the pinnacle on foot you have to climb 1,090 stairs!


The MAIN TOWER is equipped with state-of-the-art and resource-conserving domestic engineering systems.
On a total lettable space of almost 62,000 m², about 2,000 people are employed.


Special foundation work was started on August 8th 1996.


Above ground, 83,100 m³, below ground 18,600 m³
The shell of the MAIN TOWER weighs 200,000 tonnes.
The MAIN TOWER has 2,550 openable windows over the whole width of the rooms, from floor to ceiling.


The MAIN TOWER is located in the heart of Frankfurt. The area in which the MAIN TOWER is situated is a mixed commercial and residential locality.