Die imposante MAIN TOWER Spitze in Frankfurt.


Low energy consumption and a reduction in emissions were already key performance indicators during the planning and construction of the MAIN TOWER. The MAIN TOWER has an excellent environmental record and was the first existing high-rise building in Germany to be awarded a US LEED Gold certification in 2011. In 2016, thanks to the systematic further development of the overall energy technology system and by using the latest building technology, the building achieved the next level: US LEED Platinum certification.

The MAIN TOWER focuses on sustainable solutions down to the last detail. For example, intelligent systems in the modern high-performance heating and cooling ceiling save around 30% in energy consumption compared to conventional designs. Heating and cooling systems can be regulated locally by means of individual room and zone controls. This means that you do not have to sacrifice well-being and comfort.

Furthermore, the MAIN TOWER is equipped with the following resource-saving technologies:

  • The building's own combined heat and power system, 
  • Solar control glass,
  • water-saving technology,
  • intelligent lift concept,
  • individual office lighting with automatic brightness regulation,
  • waste disposal rooms with recycling zones.  


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