Teil der MAIN TOWER Fassade mit Vollverglasung.

Intelligent and transparent

Even Frankfurt’s citizens, who have become accustomed to a wonderful skyline, had never seen a tower like this: The MAIN TOWER was the first high-rise building in Europe with a fully-glazed façade.

As a result, the building gives a far lighter and more transparent impression than conventional
skyscrapers, which naturally fits in particularly well with the public character of the MAIN TOWER. At the same time, the façade contributes significantly towards providing the offices with light and ventilation. Since the 2550 windows can be opened outwards, parallel to the façade, there was no need for a complete air-conditioning system. The windows even close automatically if the wind speed exceeds 70 km/h or if the temperature falls below 5o C.

With a basic framework emphasised by bronze, the façade of the square tower acts as a clear formal counterweight to the round tower. The previous building’s façade, which is under a preservation order, was integrated into the base of the new building – not to stress its historic nature, but rather as a visible contrast between the past and present.

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